Kulshan Chorus Frühlingskonzert


Ganz im Rahmen der in den USA derzeit so gegenwärtigen #MeToo-Bewegung befasst sich das diesjährige Frühlingskonzert des Kulshan Chorus in Bellingham mit dem oft unter den Teppich gekehrten Thema der häuslichen Gewalt und sexuellen Diskriminierung. Mit äußerst wuchtigen Liedern wurde die Thematik durch beeindruckende Tanzeinlagen unterstrichen. Während des Konzerts wurde durchaus das ein oder andere Taschentuch gezückt. Da blieb fast kein Auge trocken.

Kulshan Chorus spendete jeweils 10% der Einnahmen an das „Whatcom Dispute Resolution Center“ (Zentrum zur Streitbeilegung und Schlichtverfahren) sowie an die hiesige Einrichtung „DVSAS (Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Services)“. Wahrscheinlich gab es aus diesem Grund auch zwei Vorstellungen des Frühjahrskonzerts (anstatt der üblichen einen). Mit fast 1000 verkauften Tickets waren beide Vorstellungen so gut wie ausverkauft. Kudos, Kulshan Chorus!

Auch wenn es keine leichte Kost ist, so lohnt sich reinhören auf jeden Fall. Der Kulshan Chorus wird in den kommenden Tagen das komplette Konzert sicherlich auf YouTube stellen. Ich werde es dann für Euch verlinken.

  • How Can I Cry? (Moira Smiley)
  • We Can Mend The Sky (Jake Runestad)
    In my dream I saw a world free of violence, hunger, suffering. Soo baxa (let go!). Nafti orod bay kugu aamintaa (To save your life, run with all your might)“
  • Truth (Andrea Ramsey, poem by Gardenia Bruce )
    „My roots are earth, muddy river and honeysuckle. Sturdy and rigid, like farmhouse planks … There is no doubt in a pond, insecurity does not grow in a meadow… It is planted by the boys on the school bus, tended by the words of small minds, and words may hurt you, but are they true? You are beautiful, you are enough. You must believe in that, believe the truth.“
  • Change My Sorrow Into Song (Dominik DiOrio, poem by Sara Teasdale)
    „Like barley bending in low fields by the sea, singing in hard wind, ceaselessly. So would I rise again from pain.“
  • Human (Rag-N-Bone)
    „I’m only human. Maybe I’m foolish, blind … Don’t put your blame on me.“
  • As The Rain Hides The Stars (Elaine Hagenberg)
    Traditional Gaelic Prayer: „As the rain hides the stars, … so the dark happenings of my lot hide your shining face from me. Yet, if I may hold your hand in the darkness, it is enough. Though I may stumble in my going, you do not fall.“
  • Why The Caged Birds Sings (Jake Runestad, poem by Paul Laurence Dunbar)
    „I know what the caged bird feels. I know why the caged bird beats its wing. It is not a carol of joy or glee, but a prayer.“
  • Please Stay (Jake Runestad)
    Text adapted from tweets using #IKeptLiving.
    „Don’t let your worst day be you last. The storm is strong, but it will pass. You think you can’t go on another day, but please stay. Just stay. Hope is real. Help is real. You are breath, you are life, you are beauty, you are light! Your story is not over, you are not burden to anyone. Please stay, just stay.“
  • Quiet (MILCK)
    „Put on your face, know your place. Shut up and smile, don’t spread your legs…
    I can’t keep quiet, no, I won’t keep quiet.
  • Something Inside So Strong (Labi Siffre)
    „The higher your barriers, the taller I become… Brothers and sisters, well we know better just look ‚em in the eyes and say, we’re gonna do it anyway.“
  • Rise Up (Jake Runestad)
    „Rise up. Pray every single second of your life, not on your knees, but with your work. There is so much yet to be done. Rise Up.“
  • All Works Of Love (Joan Szymko, text by Mother Teresa)
    „If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other. Remember. All works of love are works of peace. We belong to each other.“
  • Al Shlosha D’varim(Allan E. Naplan)
    Jewish maxim: „Al shlosha d’varim haolam kayam, al haemet v’al hashalom.“ Translation: The world is sustained by three things, by truth, by justice, and by peace.“
  • Ffe Mwe, Mwe Ffe (Joan Szymko)
    Various Sources: „Be the change you wish to see“ (Mahatma Ghandi), „We belong to each other“ (Mother Teresa)
  • The Roof (Andrea Ramsey, text by Isabel Zacharias)
    „Be the roof of covering all this. Be the seasons with me, be with me. Our winters will be mild as the front porch. Our autumns will be easy, our springs will always bloom. Our summers will have breezes full oof grace. Be the curve of hands. Be the time between waking and sleeping. Be confusing. Be stunning. Be awkward, imperfect, beautiful you, singular you, exhaustingly complex you. You are still becoming what you will be. Be the roof covering this.“
  • It Takes A Whole Village (Joan Szymko)
    It takes a whole village to raise our children, it takes a whole village to raise one child. We all everyone must share the burden, we all everyone will share the joy.“