Kulshan Chorus Konzert „Light Is Returning“

Das Thema des diesjährigen Winterkonzerts des Kulshan Chorus hieß: Light Is Returning“. Der Chorleiter Dustin Willetts schrieb dazu: „We are honored to present to you „Light Is Returning“. Gathering since the final week of August, Kulshan Chorus has been focused on the light that is our rehearsals. Within our ranks we have colleagues and allies from all value, socio-economic, and faith contexts. One uniting concept for us lately has been the need for more light in our lives. Everyone in this room tonight has and will experience terrible and traumatic darkness in their life. For me, as a director of art, music and people, the persistence of hope through these times is the true beauty. Light always wins. It is that simple. We have created a three-chapter presentation for you tonight; Challenge, Truth, and Action. Even in the songs of Challenge you will hear foreshadowing as the light cannot help, but poke through the veil. The simple fact, that these stories have been put into songs is evidence enough of Joy’s desire to shine through. As you will hear tonight, the words of Beethoven to his brother’s, even as he lost his hearing, were „Be Well.“ […]

Eine kleine Gruppe des Kulshan Chorus singt a-Capella “Sound of Silence”

Ein sehr ergreifendes Konzert, mit einigen aufmunternden Nuancen. Und wie immer sind wir dankbar, dass wir dabei sein durften!

Prologue / Prolog
Let My Love Be Heard (Jake Runestad, b. 1986)

The Challenge / Die Herausforderung
Solstice Song (arr. by Peter Amidon, b. 1949)
Considering Matthew Shepherd: The Innocence (Craig Hella Johnson, b. 1962)
Please Stay (Jake Runestad, b. 1986)
Good Night Dear Heart (Garrett M. Bond, b. 1997)
The Sound of Silence (Paul Simon, b. 1941)
A Silence Haunts Me (Jake Runestad, b. 1986)

The Truth / Die Wahrheit
Asimbonanga/Biko (Savuka)
Not By Might, But With Love (Linda Hirschhorn)
Things That Never Die (Music by Lee Dengler, b 1949)
Light Of A Clear Blue Morning (Arr. by Craig  Hella Johnson, b. 1962)

The Action / Handeln
What The World Needs (Holly Lamar, b 1967 and Brett James, b. 1968)
Stand In The Light (Arr. by Bryan Sharpe)
Light In The Hallway (arr. by Roger Emerson, b. 1950)
Sing Me to Heaven (Daniel E. Gawthrop, b. 1949)
– Let My Love Be Heard (Reprise/siehe oben)
 To My Old Brown Earth (Bob Seger, 1919 – 2014)

Und selbstverständlich könnt Ihr das Konzert auch auf dem YouTube Kanal des Kulshan Chorus ansehen!

Und hier findet man die komplette Playlist auf Spotify





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